Freshers event ideas London, Kent, Essex & UK

So it's come to this, it's freshers again! It's time to rock out with your socks out, drink like there's no tomorrow and of course get a serious jump on your classmates by studying late in to the night!!! Yeah!!! But for now put those books down poindexter, this is a party and what student party wouldn't be complete without some exciting games. We offer a wide range of unique rides and attractions to take your SU party from dud to stud. What's the matter don't you wanna be cool?

If you can't handle my peer pressure why not check out some of our most popular fresher items: Last Man Standing, Gladiator Duel Rodeo Bull / Bucking Bronco, Racing Simulators, Selfie Mirror .

Not extreme enough for you! Check out some of our other hand picked items below or browse our website to see what else we can offer for you. And when you see something you like don't forget to contact us for a quote Contact Us or give us a call 020-8505-8222.

See you there, you filthy animal!