Do you love pool? Do you love football? But struggle to play them both at the same time? Well who wouldn't; what you need instead is Footpool.

Transform yourself from ordinary Dave to Zlatan O'Sullivan and an absolute legend to your mates or colleagues with this combination of two of the greatest British pastimes.

The rules are simple, players take it in turns to pot one of their own coloured balls just as in pool, until the table is cleared leaving the despairing loser staring upon his scattered masses of missed opportunities. The twist this time is the table is human sized and the pool balls have been replaced with footballs.

You'll need to have a mastery of power a placement to guide the cue ball gracefully around the table and pot either spots or stripes. Then brace yourself for more pressure than an England international taking a penalty as you line up that all important shot at the black ball, to taste the sweet sensation of victory.

The perfect attraction for Birthday Parties, Office Party Entertainment and Weddings alike, so get the beers in and gather around the table for competitive fun, I just hope, for your sake, the banter is strong with this one.

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Item Size:9ft18ft1ft
Required Space:12 ft21 ft0.3 ft

Suitable For

Indoors on Hard Surface
Outdoors on Grass
Outdoors on Hard Surface

Not Suitable For

Outdoors Under Cover

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