Team Building Event Hire London, Kent and Essex

A great team building session full of ​laughter and fun really does wonders for work relations - cementing and strengthening!

Work can be stressful, you end up emailing your team rather than talking to them and you just get caught up in the flow of everyday life. Sometimes your team needs to take stock and remember what makes them high performing and a great way to help them do this is by having a team building event! It’s time to unwind and have fun with your colleagues.

We’ve got plenty of ideas to keep your team occupied. Why not test your agility and skill on the last one standing inflatable, exhausting but fun as you watch your colleagues fly in the air as they try to avoid the mechanical arm. Or how about enjoying watching your team have a dance off on the dance machine? Choose your tunes and bop away to the beat. Or even more challenging why not hire the twin racing simulator and have your colleagues directly battle against each other? I’m sure your team will relish the challenge!

We also have a range of inflatables that you can hire for your team building event too. We have the dash n grab which is the real life equivalent of hungry hippos! Your colleagues are attached to a bungee cord as they dash to the middle to grab their coloured balls – not as easy as it sounds! Or for the sporty among your team mates how about trying our basketball shootout too?

A great way to finish your team building event is treating your colleagues to something to eat before they head home. Whether it’s a yummy hot dog, or some delicious freshly made candy floss that will have your team reminiscing! Or maybe for a winter event you fancy roast chestnuts or the delicious winter treat that is mulled wine! Whatever the event, we have plenty of choice for your work mates to satisfy hungry bellies.

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