16 December 16 - Introducing Giant Bright Light!

Corporate Event Entertainment

If you are looking for a unique decoration as a statement piece for your event, something fully customisable that can both entertain your guests and allow your creative side to flow free. Something to encourage cooperation and intermingling amongst colleagues perhaps?(Dare we use the t word Team Building) Or to brightly display the theme or message of your event for all to see. Even if you’re not quite sure what that will be at this moment in time and may require some last minute altercations. Well look no further than our Giant Bright Light Illuminated Wall.

We all remember the highly successful 80’s classic Brite Lite, well now you can let your hair down and share in a regression session with your friends, colleagues or clients. JS Ent is excited to announce a UK exclusive Giant Bright Light Illuminated Wall fully customisable, complete with over 1300 coloured pegs.

Have a design idea in mind? Well relieve yourself of the headache of painstakingly mapping out each correct colour to the correct slot and let our team work out the kinks for you. We can offer custom pre plotted maps, tried and tested by our experts, guaranteed to provide the desired logo or design.

Or if you are more of free spirit and are just looking to wing it, maybe in anticipation of the no doubt epic creation you and your guests can form. Then why not start out with a blank slate and see where the feeling takes you, the only limit is your own imagination.

Giant Bright Light Illuminated Wall is available now for all manner of functions and corporate event entertainment the perfect place setting to add a sparkle of magic and laughter to any evening. For Further details or to get a quote, just give our team a call on 0208 505 8222 or click on the link.

Like all our attractions and equipment Brite Lite Illuminated Wall is submitted for regular PAT testing to ensure the safety of all our clients and staff.

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