20 December 16 - Merry Christmas

2016 Its a wrap!

Nathan takes a look back on JS Ent Event Hires biggest year to date!

It has been said that time flies when you’re having fun; so if like us, fun is a particular speciality of yours then I’m sure you’ll appreciate the years really do fly by. What a year it has been here at JS Ent its hard to tell where to begin, there were so many highlights of 2016. While the news of the world was maybe less than inspiring if the many, many memes popping up towards the end of the year were anything to go by; We at JS enjoyed one of the most exciting and expansive years since our inception. There is simply not enough time to reminisce on them all, but we’ll do our best as we look back to some of our favourite moments of the year, let’s see who makes the highlight reel this year.

Start as you mean to continue, wiser words were perhaps never sang, which is why we were delighted to kick start our January with a bang. Straight out of the blocks 2016, saw our custom branded selfie pod go out on tour across the UK with Maybelline in a series of promotional events for a new line of make-up. The Selfie Pod embarked on an adventure spanning hundreds of miles to discover once and for all whether she’s born with it? Or whether it’s push up mascara? Results remain inconclusive but a wonderful time was had by all involved in the campaign and all the members of the public who participated.

As our very own grand tour (we thought of it first) drew to a close, the sun began to break through the harsh winter sky and the flowers once again began to bloom. Kicking off our spring calendar was perennial heart throb Chris Hemsworth and the wonderful team over at ITV’s Good Morning Britain. We’re used to seeing Chris wielding his trademark hammer with the precision and effect of a thousand Nick Knowles, but the question of everyone’s biceps, I mean minds, was how much of this is just Hollywood hogwash. But how could we ever measure such a thing I hear you ask, cue the TV cameras and the JS High Striker. Yes earlier this year, live on morning TV, Chris put his Thor credentials to the test on our very own High Striker and he’s still star struck about it now. Watch this space and we shall endeavour to keep you informed as to when we locate the bell from where Thor fired it into the stratosphere, we have the best man on the case.

Also brand new this spring was our human sized Hungry Hippo’s game Dash N’ Grab. What could be more fun than attempting to gather more balls than three other competitors whilst a bungee cord attempts to fling you into the walls of an inflatable paddock? Well based on the popularity and the feedback we received from clients this year, not much apparently. Dash N’ Grab has made a spectacular debut year in 2016, and provides the perfect friendly, competitive, team building environment, so long as you prioritise fun and excitement over things like dignity and not been repeatedly thrown into and inflatable wall.

April is the cruellest month, and if you don’t want to take my word for it just ask my good friend T.S. Elliot.

May though always amazing as it is my birthday but also some exciting JS events going on as the weather outside get bearably warmer, and summer sun begins to reign in for the year. May also saw our core team grow as we gained a spectacular new member of staff in Nathan Hilditch, we could not have done it without him and not just because he is our blog writer. As the sun begins to come out so do the Last Man Standing and the Super Bouncy Slides, as the first opportunities begin to arise to get the kids some real fresh air and fun exercise. Also this May JS was invited to the exclusive underground premier of the Adidas movie Away Days, so long as we bought along some branded popcorn carts. The film itself was a huge success featuring some of the UK’s top skateboarders, but judging by the queue, the highlight of the evening was most definitely the JS popcorn.

Custom Branded Popcorn

By the time summer comes I hope you have your affairs in order, because as ever we go live and 2016 was no exception to the rule. In preparation for this a long standing pillar of the company was promoted to a formal events manager and we would like to add one final congratulations to John Farley.

This summer we travelled far and wide in the pursuit of happiness and fun. Southampton, Manchester, Coventry, Birmingham and Oxford are just a few of the major cities on our hit list this summer and our quest for world domination remains well on course. Often it’s hard to tell where one event ends and the next begins making it even harder to choose just a few summer highlights, but not everybody can make the cut.

Making a memorable appearance in this summer’s catalogue of events is the Salvation Army for their request of a Santa’s Grotto in the middle of August. As ever obviously JS was more than happy to oblige and go above and beyond to make this the most festive August, probably of all time. Surely Santa would have been far too busy making toys that time of year to visit a grotto, I mean someone has got to run Lapland in lieu of public appearances. But that’s none of my business.

Summer 2016 also saw JS pick up some exciting new clients in what we hope to be the first steps along a long lasting and symbiotic friendship. Some of our more familiar new friends include British Gas, Boots, ITV, Natwest, Virgin Media and many more. Our corporate packages are always a huge success so it was no surprise to see many happy corporate clients this summer. These events are always a great reward for loyal staff and allow people to cut loose outside of the pressures of work and enjoy some sunshine and good times.

But as well as new friends summer is always a wonderful time to rekindle with some of our favourite and long standing clients. There is just far too many to possibly list them all so again we sit back and reminisce on a few choice highlights. McDonald’s we back for their annual staff summer parties hosted by the oldest McDonald’s restaurant in England on Woolwich Arsenal high street. Mulberry School for Girls also returned to host their annual school fete before the summer holidays, always a huge event is the JS calendar, and a wonderful event to partake in general. Southampton Airport provided a nice coastal summer weekend for one lucky member of staff this summer as they hired out our Cash Grabber for 2 whole days as part of a competition for visitors to the airport.

One of our staple summer jobs for the past five years and one the staff look forward to being a part of all year is the Eastenders cast summer party. For reasons that need no explanation, the set of Albert Square plays host to a wide range of JS products and activities, we take over the square for the day and allow the cast and crew to intermingle on set and partake in some friendly activities. This year was yet another huge success, thoroughly enjoyed by all and we are already looking forward to the 2017 party.

As the leaves begin to fall from the trees and the sun begins to set for another British year, there is one ever present that begins to emerge, Freshers Week. We formed some wonderful new relationships this year with surrounding Universities and built on some current ones adding more memories for another year of students. Some of our select friends include Universities of Hertfordshire, Westminster, Roehampton, West London and Viridian Housing.

We decided after the success of September to go all out this Halloween and finally add to one major holiday that was missing for our equipment catalogue. Along with our Ye Olde Stock’s and our creepy fun foods we added two new Halloween items to our stock this year our Halloween Photo booth and Rodeo Pumpkin. Both items were very well received and gave a boost in the arm to our Halloween calendar. The Rodeo Pumpkin in particular sits hauntingly in the warehouse, menacing smile across his face, awaiting his next victims to give a fright to. Much like Jeepers Creepers an air of tension hangs around his resting place, until the time he is finally released again, maybe lock your doors if live around the East London area this Halloween.

This autumn also saw the arrival of a new extended member of the JS family as our very own event mangers and chief constructor John Farley became a father for the 3rd time to John Junior Farley, I’m sure there will always be a job waiting for him here at JS Ent once he’s old enough to operate the equipment of course.

November often serves to separate the folks that are well prepared from the people that are well, not so much. As some people complete their Christmas shopping and put their feet up so to do some book their Christmas parties to avoid schedule conflict. As such November often see the beginning of the Christmas bookings and as our dedicated sales team work tirelessly to provide to best possible service and manage the Christmas calendar the lights go up and the festivities get underway.

This December was our busiest in the History of JS Ent, as our company and reputation begins to grow, landmark occasions begin to grow too. Christmas events are always a treat to put people in the festive mood and spread the yuletide joy nationwide.

This Christmas we bought ourselves some early presents and decided to expand our equipment catalogue even further still contributing to our most successful season to date. Brand new for the Christmas 2016 line up was our Rodeo Christmas Pudding, our Snow Blizzard machine and our Batak Wall.

JS Ent also took a huge stride forward as a company this Christmas season as we acquired our first UK exclusive in our custom made Giant Bright LiteGiant Bright Lite Illuminated wall. And the results showed almost immediately as huge interest was generated in the product including long term interest for the year ahead, the future looks Brite.

Some of the highlights of this year Christmas calendar include probably some of our best Christmas events yet to date. This year saw us travel to the OXO Wharf Tower with some of our delicious and ever popular roasted chestnuts and mulled wine to mark the start of late night shopping at the Wharf Tower. Our chestnuts also did their rounds this year at Southwark Cathedral, a wonderful and picturesque festive setting coupled with the perfect festive treat, obviously a winner. We also helped bring the festive joy to many people across London, as some definitive locations and for major clients including Tiger Tiger, SUSHISAMBA, Marriot, Bulgari and Chelsea and Westminster hospital.

This Christmas also saw us return to one of our more personally rewarding jobs in providing equipment and entertainment for the Charity Foundation Spread-a-Smile Christmas Gala. One of JS Ent’s first major clients and remains a highlight of the entire calendar year to do what we do best for such a good cause.

In summary 2016 has been a very exciting and of course fun year for our ever expansive company. We would like to thank all of clients that have shared and enjoyed this adventure with us this year and all our staff for giving it their all particularly through the busiest of periods throughout our calendar.

So what does the future hold for JS Ent? Well let’s just say we’ve already got some big plans in place to take the next step on our journey and make 2017 and even better year than this. We can’t wait for the 2017 calendar to get underway and we hope we will see you there.

For now we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! From everyone here at JS Ent.

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