Case Studies

Promotional Event for Southampton Airport & Volotea Airlines @ West Quay Shopping Centre

It started out like any other day, with a call from our friends at Southampton Airport on behalf of Volotea airlines. ‘Whoa, we’re going to Ibiza’, they enquired; the only problem was they had four spare seats on the plane to be won, but fear not, for our JS Ent experts had a just the plan, a friendly competition to whittle out those less worthy to party. ‘Great’ but what did we have in mind, well sticking with the beach theme we agreed a great full branding package for our Surf Simulator Hire, ‘perfect’ and the problem was solved.

So our branding team set about trailing modifications to the Surf Simulator, working in close relation to Southampton Airport and Volotea airlines to ensure we maximized the potential. We sampled several different options before deciding on custom branding the surfboard itself and the control box as desired by the clients. Then it was off to the manufacturing team to make the necessary adjustments to the product and complete our professional full branding experience.

The day had barely arrived as our team loaded the Surf Simulator and headed for the coast for a scheduled 7am start. Arriving promptly we navigated the complex labyrinth that is the underbelly West Quay shopping centre to surface in the chosen location. None other than the prestigious location of Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, would today play host to something a little more rock and roll.

Set and lying in wait for the opening of the shopping centre, the first contestants began to arrive and size up the challenge. The rules were simple, one attempt per person and if you were talented or lucky enough to ride out the full riptide cycle for 99 seconds, then you would enter the exclusive prize draw for flights to Ibiza.

Many brave souls rose to the challenge and many failed, as the day progressed and one by one, contestants saw their hopes of an Ibiza party vanish into the melancholy sea of the inflatable crash bed; it seemed there was no hope.

Until a challenger rose, forged of thunder and neon dreams, who successfully stood firm against everything the sea could throw at him. The crowd gathered and the countdown rang out for those final few seconds, he rejoiced as his name entered the hat and the benchmark was set.

Many more challengers followed unable to live up to the hype or expectation of the eagerly awaiting crowd. As the day began to draw to a close only an elite chosen few had stood up, rode the waves and came out smiling with a hope in their hearts. Of the menagerie of contestants of all shapes and sizes to attempt the challenge, at the end of the day only five stood tall. Each of our five hedonistic heroes would enter the draw with a one in five chance of taking them and their friends and an unforgettable party of a lifetime.

And though only the famous five would leave the day still in with a chance of winning, a great many more departed with a smile on their face as a good day was had by all. There was an air of sorrow as the Surf Simulator began to deflate, which is always a mark of a highly successful event.

Until next time.

“Our event ran really smoothly and was a great success. As always JS ENT was super easy, we got there and it was pretty much already set up and the guys were great at making sure everything was how it should be and that the ride was safely operated. We will definitely coming back to JS ENT again as we know that they deliver exceptional service and we don’t have to worry about a thing! ”

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